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Megan and Ryan’s engagement shoot-Old Port-Portland, ME 12/11/10!

I met Megan and Ryan in an Old Port coffee shop at noon on December 11th.  We immediately hit it off and I loved hearing the story of how Ryan proposed!  They also enjoyed my story of why I couldn’t make the originally scheduled shoot…!  After some coffee talk, we headed outside.  As luck would have it, it was 40 something degrees  and sunny that December day!  Considering we had freezing rain the next day and was in the 20’s the day before,  we were so glad to be out on this re-scheduled perfect shoot day!  The shoot was almost surreal.  As we were walking and talking, we heard music everywhere.  There were several little bands playing Christmas music, the decorations were a plenty and we also ran into a victorian santa clause along the way (which for the record, I made Megan kiss!).  I cannot wait and I am honored to be their photographer on their wedding day July 1, 2011!

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